Thursday, November 19, 2009

A Different Child, Another Operation

It is official: Masyn's "mood bump" is no longer a mood bump. It instead is a cyst that at this point has been undetermined as to whether it is lethal or not. But, just for safety measures and of course, beauty measures for the princess, the bump must come off.

What the heck am I talking about? I can understand your confusion given my lack of ability to blog of late so here is the Coles version:

Two months ago a bump appeared on Masyn's cheek. At first we thought it was gasp - a zoinker! After a few attempts to ahem, pop it because Mom and Dad were not patient for it to disappear on its own, it decided to appear to disappear. A week later, it came back with a vengeance and has been growing since. It is now 6.5 mm in diameter and seriously changes colour by the day. Some days it was a greenish/yellow, others a brownish purple, to even a blackish blue. Dubbed Masyn's mood bump, after a month or so, we solicited the wisdom of our family doctor who referred us to a pediatrician who referred us to a dermatologist at the Alberta Children's Hospital in Calgary.

After a thorough consultation today and an attempt to extract excretions from the bump, the specialist has determined that it is a cyst and that it must come off. If we don't take it off, it will continue to grow. We will await the test results from the excretions within the cyst as the specialist also punctured the cyst, which for those who have weak stomachs, might not have enjoyed. Me on the other hand, was rather fascinated at the goo pouring out of this growth. It was impressive really.

So, due to the location of the cyst, a plastic surgeon must perform the operation. We are now waiting in cue for our call, which could take up to 6 months to happen. And when that call comes, we will be heading back to that fabulous place called the Alberta Children's Hospital where Masyn will undergo her first operation. And how is the diva taking this you may ask? Well, seeing as she is well adversed to operations from watching her brother, she has already asked for a new princess dress and a princess tea set. I wonder when the request for a royal suite in Calgary for the operation day will come forth .....


Bella said...

Awww your poor princess!!! I'm thinkin' about her!

Jenn said...

What a brave girl and her brave mommy.


Lesley said...

You're so good at putting a humourous spin on such situations!

I too would be popping that sucker. Maybe not the best choice but it's kind of an instant gratification thing...

My poor boys, ha ha.

Goofball said...

oh poor Masyn

aaaaaaah bad memories about cysts and punctures and goo and surgery. Seems like they are always in terrible locations huh. I hope the process will be not so painfull for her. Will it need an open wound to cure slowly or can the surgeon glue/sew it together or something?

Allie said...

Goofball: I am not too sure. I am pretty sure that the surgeon will have to cut down into Masyn's cheek to ensure that the "bulb" is removed in it's entirety. She will have a scar as the result of it and I am pretty sure that she will have to be stitch up with a couple of sutures. This is why the specialist said that a plastic surgeon must perform the operation - to ensure that the scarring is kept to a minimal.

Goofball said...

it depends if the cyst is infected at the moment or not as far as I understood;

Mine always became critical due to infections (which results in goo accumulating inside, growing, ...). In that case first an incision can help to take away the pressure. But cutting it open while infected needs an open wound to cure slowly bottom up as it is infected tissue and skin grows the fasted and you'd create a new infected void. That's why my curing has taken 2 months with twice daily nursing.

If the cyst is a non-infected void (we tried that once for me last January) the surgeon can cut & glue/stitch it together as then it's no problem that tissue grows together immediately.

sari said...


sorry it's been so long since I've visited! I've been blogging (for NaBloPoMo) but have been completely neglectful of visiting most everyone.

I hope that everything turns out well. I'm sure that they will do a terrific job (surgery-wise) and that everything will be ok. It's tough when it's our kiddos, I worry about things all the time but you have to have faith that everything will turn out right.