Saturday, October 31, 2009

A Halloween Howler

It was a chilly, wet Halloween night for this family tonight. What started out promising with cool, yet a manageable temperature, quickly turned to monsoon like conditions for most of our excursion. Never one to walk away from a challenge, the kids and I pretty much swam house to house in efforts to fill their bags full of goodies and of course, the spare bag that I was carrying. And due to us being the only idiots dedicated individuals out tricking and treating, I do have to say that we scored relatively well.

The kids were adorable in their costumes and I was my husband worst nightmare and of course, have relished every moment of that. So much so, that it has been difficult for me to lose the scruff and attitude to go along with it.

But the best part of the night? It has got to be when the monsoon let up and the clouds parted for what looked like a full moon. Accompanied by that bright moon was ghost of fog steaming up from the house walkways and the eerie howl of a dog werewolf. It was like it was scripted from a scene from American Werewolf in London and for a split second, while I was choking on my racing heart, I had a tough time deciding which child of mine I would offer up as a sacrifice. I know, I am a stellar Mom aren't I?


Jenn said...

I LOVE the look Masyn is giving you in the second picture. It's all "my mom is crazy". I can just imagine what she is going to be like as a teen =)

Happy Halloween!


Allie said...

Goodness Jenn - I am not ready to think of her as a teen yet. At the ripe ol age of 2, she is already providing tremendous insight for my overactive imagination. :)

Sheryl said...

You guys are so, SO cute! Glad you had a good night of candy scoring!


Goofball said...

you guys look fantastic, you've earned all those goodies very much