Friday, July 24, 2009

Heaven and Angels

I have mentioned it before; I am not an overly religious person. I did not grow up with religious mentoring, instead my family choose to make Sundays a family day. It was a day where everything was put aside and we focused on our family for the entire day. I won't deny that I am curious about all of the types of religion that is out there, but I have never felt the pull to join a particular parish or congregation. I have a healthy respect for all religions and may one day pursue going further with it but just haven't found anything that I whole heartily feel inspired by yet. My husband grew up in a Catholic environment and while he still to some level believes, he does not have the desire to continue following that path at the moment. Nor does he wish for our children to be pushed into it but rather wait and let them decide if and when they are ready. There are those that don't understand our ambivalence regarding religion and instead choose to judge us on our actions. That is okay though for in the big picture, I don't want them in our lives then.

But, I feel that we are doing a tremendous job raising our children, teaching them about morals and to respect all that is around them. Respect those differences from others, learn to ask questions and then make their decision upon how to act. And no matter if they agree or not, regardless of outcome, that it doesn't make any one person right or wrong.

Today, about an hour ago, I happened upon this conversation occurring in our driveway with Kaelen and two of his friends. The three boys were riding their bikes in a big circle talking amongst one another:

Friend #1: When people die, they go to heaven.
Friend #2: Well God is dead too you know.
Friend #1: No he isn't. He rules heaven and he decides who goes to heaven.
Friend #2: No, God is dead just like everybody else who is in heaven.
Kaelen: Guys. You ever heard of angels?
Friend #2: Angels are just pretend.
Friend #1: No they aren't. They live in heaven too.
Kaelen: Guys. Angels are God's helpers. They help look over people in the good and bad times when God can't.
Friend #1: How do you know?
Kaelen: Because ..... well, I have to tell you something but I have to tell you quietly.
Friend #2: Okay, what is it?
Kaelen: Weeelllllll ..... I know this because Mommy's dad's heart like just stopped working when she was little. He's dead. But he loves me and takes care of me all of the time. He can see what I am doing and if I am sad or scared, he watches out for me.
Friend #1: Wow. Really? What does he do?
Kaelen: Yep. Well, Mommy's dad like helps me and makes sure that I am always okay. He just like makes me feel better. Plus, I am really lucky because I have even more angels cause Mommy lost some babies so I have a Grandpa and some brothers or sisters who love me and watch me everyday.
Friend #1: Wow. You are lucky. I don't think that I have any angels.
Friend #2: Me neither.
Kaelen: Yep you do. Everyone has angels and they will always love you.

After that I got busted for eavesdropping on this very enlightening conversation, so sadly it ended.

Little does Kaelen know that he is my angel. My precious, endearing, beautiful angel. I can't tell you how much I love him and how he constantly amazes me with his thoughtful logic.


Ellen said...

Wow! That is so cool!! Kids pick up on so much don't they!! I am trying to raise my kids with good values and morals and for them to realize that they can have a relationship with God. As much as I teach them, I also realize it will be their decision what they want to do with that, but some days I feel like nothing really has made an impression. It's nice to sneek moments like this to ind out that you child has been picking up on things :)

Jenn said...

You are doing a great job with those kids. What a sweet story.


beth - total mom haircut said...

Oh my, how lovely. Isn't it wonderful how he feels SO LOVED? What a mom he must have:)

Bella said...

You have one incredible son.

Goofball said...

that's so sweet

Stef has been quite preoccupied with death lately as well as a kid's mom in his class has passed away. It was quite difficult for my sister to explain things for him. They've also had great moving conversations though.