Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Frogs, Snails and Puppy Dog Tails

He is my miracle; a child that was meant to bless our lives,
A precious boy who defeated the odds and is healthy as healthy can be.

He has changed my life and filled my world with purpose and love;
His smile will light up a room and his laughter is so pure and infectious that you can't help but laugh along with him,
His sense of adventure is contagious; whether it is catching frogs,

Or butterflies,

Talking to chickens or capturing Mr. Nobody, the imaginary ghost.

And before you realize it, you are living those exciting moments with him.

He is sensitive, caring and very affectionate,

Always concerned and ensuring that all around him are included and happy.

He is driven to succeed in hockey, soccer and golf,

And any other sport that he is given an opportunity to try.

He is perfection and all that a Mom could ask for in a son.

In just over a month, he will be five and heading off to school.

How am I ever going to survive each day without having my little man, my best buddy by my side .........


Anonymous said...

How did he grow up so fast? Sigh.....

I fear the days of "Tee Tee" are soon over...thank goodness for Masyn!

Goofball said...

you will cope

and listen to his stories when he comes home from school, you'll be amazed by some newly acquired skills & wisdom :)