Monday, July 13, 2009

Adventures With A Puddle

It poured out today, and at times it was akin to monsoon down pour. Those were the moments that were of immense fun as we took a few strolls around the neighborhood in search for the ultimate puddle. Though, one must make mental note to self that when you live at the top end of the subdivision, puddles are a little hard to come by. Now ... if I were to live say five blocks down the road from my house, now that would have made for some seriously wicked puddles to splash around in.

We managed to find a bit of a puddle that was collecting is someones driveway. We of course had to test out the splash factor. It only ranked a 5/10.
We also had to check out the storm drains to see where all of our puddle water was flowing to.

And of course there was the attempts to be beavers. Building a damn with thy feet doesn't work.


Goofball said...

wow you're such a fun mother...I was never allowed to jump in puddles and I think my first reflex as a mother would be to forbid it as well

Melvin said...

Pretty SAD that I need to check the blog to see how my favorites are doing! Just want to say that we LOVE you and miss you and hopefully, things slow down really soon, and we can get together!