Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Inner Smack Down

The smack down is going to happen today - with myself. Me, that little nagging inner voice and my head are going to have one serious conversation today and learn how to work with one another. We are going to work on focusing and keeping our eye on the positive as opposed to all of the "what ifs". When am I going to learn that I need to trust myself and instincts? I am a research nut and since having Kaelen prematurely, I research EVERYTHING out when it involves my family's health and as a result, I have honestly been RIGHT 99% of the time with my self diagnosis. Additionally, it has allowed me to ask informed questions with health care professionals and work with them accordingly. I am NOT that person who goes into the doctor and thinks that they know it all, but rather let them assess the situation and come up with their own diagnosis. If it differs from my own (which has only happened once), then I would ask (sincerely) if it could be what ever I think that it is.

We had the "appointment" this morning and all is well. I won't go into details as they can get pretty personal and intimate given the area of the body that it involved and I don't think that it would be fair to Kaelen to write about it so openly. If you want the gory details, then I can certainly email you with the outcome. Lets just say that all is well with his nether regions and the "lump" will resolve itself accordingly. I am to keep an eye on it to look for changes such as pain or redness and other things, but I am pretty confident that all will go well. WHEW!! And despite of me being pretty certain as to what it was, I am still thanking the higher powers at be for protecting my son and keeping him healthy.


Ellen said...

That's awesome that everything's going to work itself out! don't be too hard on yourself, I think when it comes to our kids health we always think the worst first, it just how much we love them-that we fear for them, if that makes sense. I think that educating yourself is a very powerful tool and not a bad thing!

Goofball said...

well I'm glad you got good reassuring news

Amber said...

We are our children's advocates, especially as it pertains to their health. How blessed they are to have you on the front-lines for them!