Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Excuses, excuses. I have so many really for not blogging. Excuses like the Internet service being down AGAIN, to a busy, fun filled loving Easter weekend to a fully loaded daycare due to said Easter weekend. Oh, and lets not forget that spring has sprung here so we are outside for a majority of the day playing, finishing off our landscaping and attempting to run to get into shape. Then there is that book that I just finished with another one just begging me to dive into and the Stanley Cup playoffs begin tonight, specifically my team, the Vancouver Canucks. And, there is just nothing better about early evenings in the springtime than the exciting hockey playoffs. Sigh ... excuses ... I am so very good with them, no?

I will however leave you with these: photos of my family at Easter brunch.

Aren't my boys incredibly handsome? And the girls? Well, the little one is precious beyond belief and that hag like one cuddling her is me. I thought dying my hair copper red would help soften the lines that seem to develop everyday however, looking at this pic only shows me how delusioned I am. Thanks Auntie Tee Tee for taking these great pictures!


Jenn said...

Such beautiful pictures! I don't think it's excuses I think it's balance.... little of this... little of that..


Sheryl said...

You, my friend, are stunning. STUNNING! Your family is beautiful!

Ellen said...

you have a beautiful family!! glad you could spend a busy Easter together!

Breanne said...

Yes, I'd say the boys are handsom, and the girls are ridiculously good looking. Beautiful family Allie!!