Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Where Am I?

Life has been busy - like really busy. The days of late don't have enough hours in them to get all accomplished on my need to do list. So what is keeping me busy? Well aside from running a daycare out of my house and Kaelen turning four, I have also taken over (with another girl) the temporary management of the Food & Beverage Department at the golf course. These past three weeks have been hectic with tournaments, weddings, luncheon and issues. But, while things aren't going to change for at least another four weeks (close of season), we have reached a milestone. The golf course just hosted their largest tournament in this community this past weekend. It hosts for two days, 200+ gentlemen from the oil patch in Alberta and theses guys are here to drink, have fun and golf. In two days, I put in 33 hours ensuring that all F&B requirements went off without a hitch. And ... guess what? It was success. In fact awesome - we grossed out $13K more than last year in sales; definitely worth those long hours. Oh .. and did I mention that both kids were sick over the past two weeks? Masyn is still sick and was diagnosed with croup today. Poor little monkey. Sleepless nights are a common occurrence in this household again.

But with the sporadic posting of late, I have a ton to share with you all. Most exciting: I have my first contest coming up and I guarantee that you will all want to check it out. I will be giving away one of my most favourite children's brand of apparel, but I won't say much more until contest time. I also have a belated post in tribute to my precious little boy turning four. Sorry there little man - Mommy had the post half way done and then as poor of an excuse as it is, I just got too busy with work and giving you and your sister all of my extra time that you both deserve.

Hang in there guys - I will be back soon with regular visits to your sites, comments and posting on my site.


Jenn said...

My god you are busy! 2 jobs now =)

Looking forward to hearing more about your adventures.


Goofball said...

seems like things have not slowed down yet for you...take care of yourself and get sufficient rest!