Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Growing Up

Today was a hard day .... for me. My baby boy, Kaelen, had his first day of school; granted it was only preschool, but it was school nevertheless. Now that I work from home with the daycare, we have the means of getting him to and from school where in the past we couldn't because we were both working full time outside of the home. Luckily for me, I can transport with my daycare kids so that means that Kaelen can go to school. He was so darn excited this morning and waited very patiently for 12:15 PM to come. Me?

Well throughout the morning, I would have fits of happy yet melancholy tears. Everytime I looked at him I would think when did my boy grow up on me? How can he be turning 4 next week? Where has the time gone? The tears shed today were happy tears and proud tears as I continued to take a real good look at my boy. Here he was: an exuberant, thoughtful and multi talented young man. He can be mischievous in a blink of an eye, or compassionate upon the sight of a tear. He is up for any adventure one recruits for and is showing signs of being a perfectionist by nature; an inherent trait from his mother. He is proud of his sister and protective of his mother. He has incredible eye/hand coordination that makes the two of us dream (being Kaelen and I) of what he will be when he grows up. Today he is a hockey player whereas yesterday he was a baseball player. Have I mentioned his imagination? Oh the journeys that the two of us go on - I could get lost in them forever. And while I will come to appreciate these two hours apart from him twice a week by absorbing myself in Masyn and my daycare child(ren), there is that piece of me that will mourn the loss of that little boy; my precious baby boy. Yet, I will always look back at these incredible memories of the past four years of him growing in humbled awe and love and look ahead to the future with eager anticipation of what is yet to come for him.

I keep asking myself, if this is how I am feeling with preschool, what the heck is it going to be like for kindergarten and grade school?


Adventures In Babywearing said...

Oh, he's adorable. Yes- it's hard, but I will tell you I've loved watching my boys grow- it does get easier! : )


Breanne said...

He is quite the little man.

Goofball said...

congratulations on his start in preschool. He is a darling boy...no wonder though with such a wonderful mom loving him so much!