Thursday, September 04, 2008

Now You See Them; Now You Don't

I am a tree killer. There. I said it. Now I will probably have a protester or two picketing my front yard by tomorrow morning screaming at me for being unfair to the environment. And truth be told, I felt guilty chopping those lovely trees down however they were becoming a danger to the house, the power lines on the other side and my sanity. Yep. My sanity. You see ... I now have a fully fenced in backyard. Granted it is dirt and wood chips at present, but come spring next year, it will be (hopefully) lush green grass where I can put in the swing set I inherited as well as outdoor playhouse. Now my children are safe from forgetting to stay off the road when chasing a ball or seeing something excited. Now my anal mommy tendencies can relax a little knowing that my children are safe and secure in a backyard and my house will with stand a brutal wind storm ......

The View From the Front Window - Before

The View From The Front Window - During

The View From The Front Window - After


Goofball said...

aaaaaaaaaaaaah I want such a view tooo. Jealous jealous jealous!

Jenn said...

Although I'm concerned about the environment, the safety of your kids is more important. Besides you could always plant a smaller tree next year.


sari said...

Wow! that's a big change, isn't it??\

I agree with Jenn, you could always plant new trees.