Tuesday, June 10, 2008

It's Official

Well folks, it is official! I am getting married .... again! My heart has been completely captured and the incredibly touching proposal came to me this morning during the most amazing cuddle. And, my current husband has graciously decided to step aside for this new comer which I must say could be a bit of a slight to the ego seeing as I am leaving him for a younger man. I have reassured my soon to be ex that he is truly a wonderful man, but that my soon to be new husband likes to shower me with hugs and kisses at whim many times when given the chance - how on earth could I pass up a lifetime of that?

My fairytale proposal went a little like this:

Kaelen: "Mommy. I just love you and love you and love you and LOOOOVVVEEEE YOU! And, I have something very important to tell you that you can't tell anyone K?"
Me: "Oh Kaelen, I love you too sooooooo much. What do you have to tell me?"
Kaelen: "I think that we should get married because I just love you too much. You are the girl that I want to marry and be with when I get old."
Me: "Oh sweetie, that is so nice. I would love to marry you too!"
Kaelen: "There is just one problem. Daddy. You have to tell Daddy that you don't want him because you want me as your husband."
Me: "Okay. Done deal. Now ... can we seal this pact with a kiss?"

Later on today:
Kaelen: "Daddy. We need to talk."
Daddy: "Okay. What's up Buddy?"
Kaelen: "Me have to tell you something very important that you aren't going to like."
Daddy: "Really. And what is that?"
Kaelen: "Mommy is going to dump you because she loves me more than you and says that I am cuter too. Me going to marry Mommy because she is my best friend and I just love her too much."

Now folks, if that isn't a dream proposal come true, I don't know what is .......


Ellen said...

awwww.. that is adorable! that brought a tear to my eye, as I could picture my own precious son saying the same thing :) what beautiful love! you are one lucky lady :)

Andrea said...

Ohhh...I am jealous of that sweet proposal! :) I'd definitely have to say that this beats pretty much every other proposal I've ever heard. ;)

Goofball said...

Fantastic! Congratulations to the new couple! wooohoooo woot wooot wooot.
What an adorable little guy!

Shall we arrange a double marriage next year?

Peanut Butter and Jelly Boats said...

That is SO VERY SWEET! There is a special bond between mommy and son.