Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Little Miss Diva

She is stinking cute and a true handful. At 13 months, she is already displaying her penchant of expecting things to go her own way, demanding that she is the center of attention and most days, tries to ensure that she is the cutest little one in the room even if it means resorting to doing a stupid human trick.

If I had consumed that extra cup of coffee yesterday morning, I would have put the camera on video to capture her little dance routine that accompanied her fly girl hat (which she put on herself) to her favourite song. And this my friends I am not lying about, it is Low by Flo Rider and T Pain. The song came on and before you knew it, she ripped Kaelen's hat off, put it on and began shaking that little booty of hers. In this picture, she just got a little too low that she fell on her ass and, like the diva she is, quicky grabbed a few building cups to make it look like it was part of an innocent baby routine.


Mike said...

Yup. They think the world revolve around them. And they're right.



Bella said...

She is gorgeous. Oh Allie. You and your man make cute babies.

Goofball said...

standing ovation!

Peanut Butter and Jelly Boats said...

Oh I wish you would've caught that on video! I'd love to see it! She knows how cute she is!!

Jenn said...

She is getting cuter and cuter!


beth - Total Mom Haircut said...

She is such a cutie, and clever too...and talented! Don't forget talented!