Monday, April 14, 2008


The weather was spectacular this weekend as was the company. I was spoiled by having my sister come down for two days to hang out with us and check out our new digs. Due to the warm, beautiful sunshine, we spent most of the weekend outside playing and there was a lot of life coming out in full force. You could see little flowers starting to poke their little buds out of the winter sore ground, grass was being raked and given a good breathing, bees and butterflies were out in full force. The bees especially were attracted to Masyn's shirt. Her shirt has small little embroidered flowers on it and they just would not leave her alone. At one point, I actually picked her up and a bee chased us around the yard for a full two minutes trying in vain to get at one of her flowers. It was creepy really.

And for Kaelen, all of this activity gave him a perfect excuse to try out his new butterfly net in hopes of catching some form of life to live in his new bug house. Somehow, I don't think that this particular species is indigenous to the Cranbrook area:

Kaelen catching his Auntie Tee Tee

One day Masyn will kill me for her not looking perfect in this picture, but I just had to post it so you could see what the bees were after: all of those little flowers on her shirt.


Peanut Butter and Jelly Boats said...

Thanks for all your love and support! Your kids are so. darn. cute!

Andrea said...

I guess the bees are really ready for some summer flowers! :) Sounds like you had a great day!

Jenn said...

What a treat for you, to have your sister come and visit. How far is it for her to come? Sounds like a fun weekend.


sari said...

Looks like a great day!!

I have heard about those butterflies! ;-)

Goofball said...

looks like a great weekend together. Glad you had fun!

christie said...

I had a blast!! I am still laughing at the bees chasing you around the yard.....still makes me giggle to think about it!!!
LOVE the new house - can't wait for my next visit!!!!