Friday, April 04, 2008

Busy with Spring

Keep your fingers crossed and hope that spring has finally arrived down here in sleepy Cranbrook. We have all just about had it with off again and on again snow showers dumping 4 inches of snow over an hour of chaotic unpredictable weather. Perhaps chalk it up to cabin fever but I am done with the snow and am looking forward to warmer days of running around in the yard chasing bubbles or creating chalk art on the driveway with the kids. I long for that first day of planting late spring, early summer flowers that will decorate my deck and walkway entrance. I long for the warm nights where we can have picnic dinners on the deck and listen to children running around in the neighborhood with their enthusiastic laughter and adventurous screams. I can hardly wait to teach Kaelen how to ride his first bike and make new friends at the soccer pitch when his little league starts up. I can hardly wait for Masyn to master her walking technique and showing her that wonderful world of adventures just waiting for her to explore in our backyard.

Yes .... spring needs to come and fast for this girl.


Andrea said...

I agree 100%!!!! Every time that I think we are getting somewhere with the snow snows again!! Sheesh! I just cannot WAIT for spring...cabin fever has hit our home too... ;)

Andrea said...

Wait...I said I can't wait for spring...what I mean is I can't wait for SUMMER!!!

Jenn said...

I'm with you I can't wait till spring and grass. We will be putting in lots of sod this spring and then running around and playing like crazy. I do love how Calgary has warm days in the winter, so there can still be some outside time.

How was Kaelen appt? Is his leg healing well?


Allie said...

Hi Jenn - yes, Kaelen's leg is doing great right now. The xrays look great so now we are just working on mobililty issues. The leg that he broke, actually caused a huge amount of bone growth stimulation due to his age and now his leg is slightly longer than the other. It isn't anything to cause concern, but for the short term, it is causing Kaelen to still limp and walk like a peg leg because those muscles are needing to stretch out and grow. He has another appointment scheduled for the 15th, which is a mobility appointment. And, depending on how he fares in that appointment will dictate whether or not he will need physio.

But, being the super kid he is, he has adapted and hasn't really allowed for it to slow him down too much. We do however need to get his leg rehabbed for he so excited to play soccer which starts in a couple of weeks. :)

Goofball said...

for me too!