Thursday, March 13, 2008

Other People

We went shopping at the Superstore today to purchase large RubberMaid tubs. Earlier we had gone to Walmart but they were all sold out. I usually try to refrain from going to the Superstore because there is just something that chaps my butt about having to bag my own groceries when I am dropping $250 for food. Plus, I don't really see where the savings are that everyone talks about. I am a Safeway shopper, and when I use my club card, I usually end up saving anywhere from 15 - 30% with discounts.

Anyways, Safeway doesn't sell tubs so off the to Superstore we went. As I unload the kids from the van, there was a lady parked beside us who was unloading her groceries into her car. Kaelen politely asked her if he could have her cart when she was finished with it. She responded with a yes and wheeled the cart to us. At first she seemed a little hesitant about accepting our money for the cart but then snatched it out of Kaelen's hand quicker than I could blink. At the time I thought that it was a little weird and remembering telling Kaelen that she must have been in a hurry when he was inquiring about it. So ... we do our shopping and stood in line for ions because the tubs scanned in at $5 more than the advertised price. The rude customer service lady after 15 minutes informed me that those prices were actually February prices and there was nothing she could do for me. I in turn (and rather iritated at this point), calmly (which is a miracle for me) told her that I would like a refund then because I was not going to pay $15.99 per tub when a) it was listed at $10.99 a tub (which is not my fault) and b) I could just go to Walmart in a couple of days and get the same ones for $10.99 when they were restocked. This customer service lady, then told me that this one time, she would refund me the difference and that is all that should could do for me. Hmm .... I didn't remember asking for anything more but I let it slide.

After getting my $20+ dollars back, we loaded up the van and then took the cart back to get Kaelen's dollar (which came out of his piggy bank too). To my disbelief, there was no money in the cart. It was a freebie cart. Kaelen, being the sharp kid that he is, immediately started questioning why that lady lied to us and took his money. So, for the past hour, he still can't understand why this cart lady took our money when she didn't pay for the cart in the first place. I know that in the big picture it is only a dollar, but still .....

So, if on the off chance, you cart lady are reading this, I hope that you can hold your head up in pride for ripping off a three year old boy today. I know that you didn't pay for the cart in the first place because of your hesitation to accept the money in the first place. Why you would take his money is beyond my comprehension but then again, perhaps a dollar isn't much money to you in the first place so you don't realize that it can be worth millions to others. Lucky for you that we don't know who you are because my son is adament that we call the police on you for stealing and Santa for lying.

Moral of the story - I won't be going back to Superstore anytime soon because everytime I go there, I deal with stupidity and stupid situations.


Jenn said...

Wow, that's horrible that a woman would do that....

I do love Superstore. I think so much of it is what you are use to. I just know where everything is there. We do our grocery shopping during the week, so it's not crazy busy.

It was good to see you the other day. You are looking great, especially with all the busyiness. Hope you are feeling good.


Peanut Butter and Jelly Boats said...

Don't you hate explaining to your children the awefullness of some people? I've never heard of Superstore but in the US the carts are always free. Interesting.

sari said...

What a couple of jerks, both the cart lady and the customer "service" lady.