Tuesday, March 04, 2008


Yesterday we had a provincial election and sadly, only 40% of Albertans actually made the effort to go and vote. The media spotlighted that many people weren't equipped with the knowledge of where to go and vote, that the Elections Alberta information card contained incorrect phone numbers and that it overall was this was a "user" unfriendly election.

Personally for me, I made the effort to vote because I had the freedom to do so. There are millions of women out there that don't have that freedom to express their choice on much of anything. I am not, especially of late, overly fond of politics mostly due to the media always exposing such stories as possible corruption and bad decisions. I get torn with disgust at politicians overall for the choices that they make and how they conduct themselves yet know there is more to the story that we will never hear. We have only heard the sensationalized version that has probably only 10% of the truth in it. So, if you are like me, I can understand maybe why some individuals in our province wouldn't want to vote. However, to hear excuses like not knowing where to vote and such, kind of make me shake my head. We as Albertans, had known at least a month in advance that an election was going to take place. Perhaps it was due diligence upon the candidates, but I was inundated with information both in my mailbox and around it. Regardless, I knew an election was coming forth so at some point, I made the unconscious decision to inform myself on where to go and cast my vote.

So, because I am in the minority of the province that took the time to vote yesterday, that gives me the right to complain if I am not happy about something that the province is responsible for ... or at least for another two weeks while I am a resident here.


Peanut Butter and Jelly Boats said...

I'm guilty of sometimes not voting in the smaller, local elections. But I do think it is important.

Jenn said...

I voted yesterday too, although I find voting in Alberta to be a little strange. I remember when I first moved here many people told me there was no point in voting, the conservatives would win the election. I still do vote, becuase I think it is an important freedom to have, but the overwhelming majority in Alberta is a little strange.....