Tuesday, April 03, 2007

On a snowy eve 4 years ago ....

Four years ago today, we boarded a plane with 26 friends and family and headed to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic. It snowed like crazy the night before so Mother Nature certainly made it difficult for us all to arrive safely to the airport for 4:00 am that day. Nevertheless, we all made it safe and sound and eagerly awaited our 6:00 am boarding call.

Amongst the other passengers, there were also about 4 other brides-to-be checking in and talking excitedly on the flight. We shared our planned wedding dates, dress information and how we envisioned our dream days.

We were the last to get married of the five couples in total. Our date was set for April 8th .... oh the fun we had that day. It was such a true privilege and honor to share our precious day with all of the people that came down for the vacation.

Stay tuned for pictures of our fabulous trip and wedding on Sunday .....

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Anonymous said...

It was a fabulous trip (once we ALL got there!) and we are so happy we could share it with you.
Great Memories!!