Friday, April 27, 2007

Learning a New Game Called Patience

Yesterday was a long day for me. Aside from a successful dentist visit, the rest of the day was a bit of a gong show. The cold that Kaelen has been fighting for the past week reared it's ugly head in the afternoon and brought along with it a nice raging fever. And, Masyn was extremely fussy throughout the entire day and for the life of me, I couldn't get her to settle down. Both kids wanted Mommy's attention and I found myself faced with who do I give it to?

I thought that I had figured out a solution by putting Masyn in a sling and wearing her. That way, she would still have Mommy's cuddling while it would free up my hands to play with Kaelen. Unfortunately Masyn had other plans and being in the sling was not one of them. In fact, nothing worked for her and it got to the point where after a day's worth of fussing from her, I opted for some Infant Tylenol in hopes that would help calm her down. Meanwhile, my son was crying and wanting to be cuddled by Mommy and would get so desperate that he would jump on my back and just cling to me. Neither one of them were content to lie in bed with Mommy so that made it for a very long day.

There were points in my day that I felt like a really bad Mommy. I felt that I was constantly saying "No" to Kaelen and even at one point found myself yelling at him because he wasn't listening to me. His rambunctious nature was getting him into everything and the house looked like a tornado had passed through it. If things didn't go his way, then he would full out cry his little heart out. I usually try to find the humour in out of control situations, but yesterday I found that I just couldn't find any. And because of this, my children suffered Mommy's wrath on more than one occasion.

Last night, as I put my precious little angels to bed, I reflected on the day and promised myself that I would be a much more patience Mommy today. It is a little late to apologize to my children now as they have likely forgotten all about yesterday, but it is a lesson that Mommy is planning to take with her: Life could be a whole lot worse off for me, so I need to take the enjoyment out of the tough days.

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Beth said...

DON'T beat yourself up. It has to happen sometimes. We just can't be patient every minute and it sounds like you are really having to juggle a lot. You're all adjusting and you get to have time to adjust too.