Saturday, April 28, 2007

Looking for Suggestions

Does anyone have a tried, tested and true suggestion out there on how to get your child to eat or take medicine when sick?

The little man is still not feeling well and today it seems like it may be a sore throat. Last week it was snot, earlier this week it was a fever and since yesterday it is seemingly a sore throat although he tells me it is a sore tummy. However, every time he tries to swallow he breaks out in tears so I am pretty sure it is a sore throat.

I have tried everything from Popsicles, to apple sauce, to yogurt to juice. He is SO MISERABLE because he is hungry but refuses to put anything in his mouth because it hurts. I managed to bribe him to take some Tylenol and the reward was to go out and buy some bubble juice (aka. Bubbles).

This mother is desperately seeking some help ..... for her sanity of course. Thankfully, the other child appears to be in a good disposition today for if I had to take another day of them both under the weather, I am pretty sure that it would give me cause to become a raging alcoholic. (insert big wink here).


busybusymomma said...

I can't get my kids to take meds, but they take homeopathic remedies quite easily. We love the Hyland's brand and have a bunch of their remedies.

I hope he feels better soon!

daniellemclellan said...
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daniellemclellan said...

Well I don't have kids or anything but I work with alot of special needs kids and when I am trying to get them to eat something they don't like I let them pl;ay with it, in your case the bottle it is on and maybe let him touch the actual syrup. I then us the now and then approach. If you eat this NOW, Then we will watch hockey or whatever else they really like.
Don't know if this helps but thought i would throw it out there. Hope it works

Ashley's Mom said...

Hi Allie - Ashley's mom here. I have fought the medicine battle a lot. In extreme circumstances and when you can't bribe them to take the meds, you can use a syringe, squirt the meds into the side of their cheek (harder to spit out), and then hold their little nose - they have to swallow. But, like I said, this is for extreme cases when the meds absolutely must be taken and nothing else is working.

Good luck and let me know how it goes!

sari said...

I would suggest the syringe also - they can give you one at the pharmacy - just squirt it in the back corner of their mouth, it usually does the trick.

Only once did I get an actual spitting back out (of course the medicine was BRIGHT PINK) but overall, it does the trick.