Thursday, March 15, 2007


It is a little late, but better late than never really. Following the inquiry set forth in Stephanie's post, (see Monday, March 12th post) here are just a few possessions that are treasured by me:

If you ask me what my most treasured possession is, I would likely reply photos. Photos mean the world to me as they are your window into fond memories and glimpses of treasured love. I am always paranoid that one day my house will burn down and I will lose all of my precious pictures. I have most of my pictures backed up and plan on keeping copies off site, likely in a safety deposit box. Weird? Perhaps, but they are truly so important to me.

The picture collage to the left in this picture is a Christmas gift my mom gave to both my sister and I quite a few years ago. As many of you know by now, we lost our dad very suddenly to unknown causes in 1986. Even on the brink of adulthood, it is hard to remember what your dad looks like, so this collage is hung prominently right outside our bedroom, in the hallway where it can be seen from almost every angle in the house. Each day I show my children who their grandpa is and tell them that he is watching over them and showering them in love.

The blue doll to the right is my dolly. My father's mom knit it for me when I was just a baby and this dolly has been to the moon and back with me. She was my protector when I was in the children's hospital during the winters when I was so sick with either bronchitis or pneumonia between the ages of 3 - 7, she has heard all of my heartaches and all of my dreams.

The pink blanket is a baby blanket that my mom and her mom made for me. And the patchwork quilt that everything is on is again, a quilt that my mom and her mom made for me (and my sis) when I was probably around the age of 4 or 5.

All of these possessions remind me of how loved I was as a child and how truly blessed I was to grow up in the family that I had. Looking upon them now, makes me all that more determined to ensure that my children will have keepsake mementos such as these to look at and reflect upon when they get older. It truly is so much fun to show Kaelen (and Masyn when she gets older) Mommy's stuff from when she was a baby. I also have other items such as receiving blankets which I used now to wrap my children in and of course many photos albums.

What are treasured possessions for you? If you haven't already shared, please do so.

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