Thursday, March 15, 2007

Meeting an Old Friend

Some of you may not think that this is weird but yesterday, I met Jenn from My Life in a Nutshell! How? I was at the mall (one of many in Calgary) with the kids as I had to purchase a few birthday presents and have coffee with my best bud Debbie. I saw Jenn in Children's Place first and did a double take. I knew that I recognized her from somewhere and it took me a minute to process just how. By that time, she and her handsome little man had left the store. I met Debbie shortly thereafter and told her that I thought that I saw a blogging friend but didn't approach her. Not ten minutes later, there was Jenn again so I just had to approach her and introduce myself!

For me, it was weird as what are the chances of running into someone in a city of a million people, that you have only ever chatted on the internet with? Wanna know something? Her little man is much more gorgeous in person!

Jenn, if you are reading this, it was a pleasure to meet you! I hope that I didn't freak you out by recognizing you via pictures from your site but it was such a pleasure to formally put a smiling face and warm voice to your blogging identity!


goofball said...

Wow that is cool! :)

I've once seen in a tv documentary about blogging a Belgian blogger that I often read. I was so surprised by her voice...unconciously I must have pictured a voice as well. funny that we do that.

goofball said...

hey you are blogging when I am online! if you have some time, please login on msn. I miss our chats!

Peanut Butter and Jelly Boats said...

How awesome! Sounds like fun! Look at you, out and about with your new little one! Lunch out with an old friend can do WONDERS for a mom!

Jenn said...


It was great to meet you too. Lucas was quite fussy that day, so I'm glad his cuteness still shone through. Someday we'll have to purposefully meet at the mall.