Sunday, March 12, 2006

A Day of Fun

I am not gifted in the craft of baking nor creative arts, but I try hard. So when I saw the "Decorate Your Easter Cookie Kit" in Safeway the day before, I immediately scooped it up thinking this was my golden opportunity to spend some table time with my son.

First the icing.

Then a Quality Taste Control to ensure that the sprinkles and gum drops are okay to put on top of the icing.

Heck, best check this cookie out too. Mom always says Go Big or Go Home!

Do you think anyone will notice the missing bunny ears?

An hour later; sprinkles everywhere, icing pasted in hair, fingers, chair joints and table top: This is our finished product of the remaining three cookies!

It was a morning of fun. So much so, that I am going to attempt within the next week to actually make cookies and decorate them. Once I test them out on Paul and Kaelen and they are still standing five minutes later, perhaps I will send some over to daycare for a snack break with the kids.

And...maybe....just maybe, those kids will go home to their mommies telling them how cool Kaelen's mommy is. Sigh. I am such a dreamer.

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