Friday, May 29, 2009

My Diva

I can't get enough of her. I mean really, I can't. She drives me around the bed a lot lately, but somehow I am finding the humour in her antics and her constant demands. She is bound and determined to be potty trained so we still live in the bathroom for 90% of the day. And because she is a true princess, there is no squatting in the bushes, nor is going on a kiddy porta potty an option for her. This means that we are missing much of the beautiful, hot, sunny days out there of late. And if she doesn't get things her way? Let's just say that she gives Mariah Carey a run for her money in the screeching, higher octave level. She is demanding and very determined to do what ever her brother does. This usually results in many boo boo's and injured pride, thus pushing me to purchase stock shares in Nexus Princess Bandaids. That and giving me a work out, because she will refuse to walk or use the injured limb regardless if there is actually a mark on her or not.

But all that it takes is a mischievous look from her, a grin, an eager clap at an accomplishment or a sloppy wet kiss, and all of the tense moments are wiped away. I am still the most important person in her life but when will that end? When will I be put on the shelf and become a nuisance? And the biggest question of all? How could I have ever thought that I couldn't be a mother to a daughter?


Goofball said...

I want to kiss that face!

Sheryl said...

She is just gorgeous!