Friday, May 15, 2009

Long Weekend Labor

Long weekend? Yes, for some here in Canada, however not for me. Boo. BUT .... next weekend is a long weekend for me! Yay!! Next weekend I am treated to three days (maybe) of no daycare kids. Just another three blissful days where I can give my own children 100% of my undivided attention, care and love. Sigh ... I can hardly wait.

In the meantime, this weekend. Tonight after daycare closes, the kids and I are off to Nelson to have a quick visit with Nana. That, and Nana is planning on using me as free slave labor to accomplish the items on the list of Shi#ty Things To Do. Yep that means crawling into a tiny cubby hole to clean out forgotten useless items that are at least 30+ years old, to trimming hedges, pulling out rose bushes, painting a deck and so on. And, because in these days and ages, statutory holidays really mean nothing because everything is open, hence I must be open on Victoria Day because parents need to work and children need places to go. Ugh. Next weekend can't come quick enough if you ask me.

Until then, for all of you Canadians out there, enjoy your long weekend!!


Goofball said...

when's victoria day? why do you have to do all those chores for your mom? that sucks.

let's count down for next weekend! yeay

Sheryl said...

You deserve a day off girly! If I lived near you I would kidnap you and take you to a spa for a massage!