Thursday, December 11, 2008

Reason 1,456,237 Why I Love My Son

He is on a roll folks. And, I swear this isn't scripted.

Last night in while tucking Kaelen into bed, after our usual conversation about how his day went and all of the things that he learned, he rolls over and says:

Kaelen: "Mom. My have something to tell you"

Mom: "Okay sweetheart, what is it?"

Kaelen: "Well, it is a secret. My know that my not supposed to tell secrets but this is a good one - I even told Santa"

Mom: "Really. That must be a really good secret sweetie. Now tell me!" (Insert big whisper and not so subtle urgency into tone. I just know that this is going to be a goodie.)

Kaelen: "Weellllll ....... you wanna know what my told Santa what my wanted for Christmas?"

Mom: "Um let me guess .... a Transformer?"

Kaelen: "Weeellll .... yeessss (in an impatient, like duh sigh) but my also told him something else."

Mom: "A Power Ranger?"

Kaelen: "Weeelll .... my want that too but that isn't what my talking about"

Mom: "Okay Kaelen. Mommy doesn't know. What else did you tell Santa?"

Kaelen: "My told him that my have the best Mommy in the world and my the luckiest boy in the world and you have been the best Mommy and to bring you a new pair of slippers because yours stink!"


Jenn said...

So funny, so sweet and so funny


Amber said...

I was getting all sentimental and teary eyed...until the stinky kicker at the end. :-)

Anonymous said...

aww.. that's too cute!! I think it's cute how he says "my" all the time :) treasure these conversations in you heart!


Goofball said...


OK don't bring the old slippers over when you come to visit me in June ;). Bring the new ones.

Mike said...

Have a very merry Christmas. And please share your Santa wish at Something About Parenting


beth - total mom haircut said...

I suppose someone has to tell us when our slippers stink, right?:)