Saturday, January 12, 2008

Sending Out An S.O.S.

Erm ... if you aren't into reading about self pity, then you may want to click on by this post today for I am wallowing deeply in it. I mean, geesh, our family really can't catch a break. There are some days that it feels like it is always us that something dramatic or awful happens to. Perhaps that is a super selfish way to feel, but sorry, I just can't get past it. There are members of my family who would question the validity of my feelings, by commenting that I am being selfish or emotional to the extreme, but I will let you all form your own opinions of how I am feeling.

So, to recap this awesome 2008 so far, here we go:

Dec 31/Jan 1st: Masyn is on hour 72 of straight puking so we take her to the hospital in Cranbrook in fears that her kidney infection has reared it's ugly head again. Despite a few nurses and one doctor not even knowing what VUR (short for kidney reflux) or a VCUG test is, we maintain our stance of getting a urine test done on her to ensure that her white blood cell count is okay. Luckily it was but the test did come back verifying that she was dehydrated.
Jan 2nd: Both Kaelen and myself are felled by the mysterious puking bug that Masyn is struggling with. Now, instead of one child puking, we have two children and a Mommy paying homage to the porcelain god. Our house is supposed to be listed on the 3rd, but that just isn't going to happen. Meanwhile, hubby is trying in vain to get year end inventory wrapped up and start his new job.
Jan 5th: Hubby is felled by the super bug. Both kids are still puking yet Mommy is at least feeling better. While wiping toilet bowls and brows, I am also trying in vain to wash walls, do laundry and get this house ready for showing on Monday.
Jan 6th: All three kids (erm I mean hubby and kids) are still sick. Mommy is still nurturing all family members and in her free time, is washing walls, floors, toilets, packing boxes and vacuuming. Late that night, I succumb to the reality that this house will not be on the market the next day.
Jan 8th: A successful day! The house is on the market and in showing condition and no one has puked for 18 hours!
Jan 9th: Kids are in bed and I run the garbage outside as collection day is the next morning. As I attempt to grab the additional bag in the bin outback, a 50lbs cement brick falls 3 feet onto my foot. I think that I have broken three toes. Walking around and carrying kids has never felt so good.
Jan 11th: The pediatric urologist has requested to see Masyn due to her being sick last week. We get to the hospital and have our consultation with him. He is convinced that she has reflux despite the VCUG indicating otherwise. He feels that the test was conducted wrong so she is to now have another one sometime in the next week. Poor girl .... yet another catheter experience.

And now for the whopper folks:

10:00am last night (Jan 11th): Hubby and I arrive home from our weekly night of curling. We arrive home to two hysterical kids and a visibly upset babysitter. What was wrong? Well, Kaelen two hours earlier tripped over his feet while walking down the stairs and fell off the last step into the kitchen. He was in obvious discomfort and by the time we got home, his right leg was so swollen that we had to cut his pajama leg just to see what was going on. After a 30 second debate, we packed him into the van and headed off for the Children's Hospital. One look at his leg by the triage nurse and he was whisked away into a procedure room with a doctor seeing him within five minutes. The diagnosis: the poor little man broke his fibula in two spots. And luckily for him, due to the way that he fell, the two fracture spots broke 3/4 and was saved from a full separation due to the tibula bone holding them in place. If the separation had happened, he would have been in surgery getting pins and rods. So, 5:00 am this morning, we made it home with a very sore and upset little boy. The doctors were able to reset his leg and from the xray, it looks pretty clean. However, we will see an orthopedic surgeon this coming week to ensure that all is still okay and that we can rule out surgery. Sigh. Kaelen will be in a full legged cast (from toe to groin) for the next 8 weeks, without any weight bearing.

So, as you can see, I am feeling extremely overwhelmed. Both of my kids have screamed the entire day today. We have had to turn away any potential showings of our home for the next week. Kaelen's only mode of transportation is via Mom or Dad, but at this point he is in too much pain. This makes simple things like going to the bathroom an episode that one would rather not experience again. Hubby has to leave town for three days this week to work his new job, and the pressure is on in his current job to clean things up and to ensure nothing slips through the cracks upon his departure at the end of the month. Both kids will have multiple visits to the Children's Hospital over the next two weeks and Kaelen can't even fit into his car seat properly. Help!!


Adventures In Babywearing said...

You have every right to feel overwhelmed! That is a lot going on! And then top that off with not a lot of sleep and that can make any Mama go crazy. I am thinking of you and praying for quick healing for everyone!


Bella said...

Holy crap Allie. If you need anything, and I mean anything (including a great Shiraz...) call me.

Lesley said...

Boy do I ever feel for you! Last summer both our boys had broken arms from seperate incidents and it was awful. Weekly visits to the Children's Hospital.

So sorry to hear of your run of bad luck! Things have got to turn around soon...

Anonymous said...


Let me know when you need me to watch the kids, feed you coffee, get you groceries...whatever you need you just let me know!!!!!!!!!


Ellen said...

Wow, I just about started to cry by the end of you post :) but then again, i'm sitting at home, by myself, with my kids and feeling sorry for myself for no reason.. you will be in my prayers..

Andrea said...

Oh my goodness...I think I would be MORE than overwhelmed if I was you! I have also had a sick kid for the past week - but that is NOTHING compared to what you are going through...prayers and hugs are coming your way!

Sheryl said...

OH my goodness dear! If I lived near you I would run over to help with anything I could. I'm praying for you right now! I can't believe you even had a moment to blog! Would it be easier just to let Kaelen wear a pull up for now until his leg doesn't hurt so much? Poor little guy!

Ashley's Mom said...

Allie, I am SO sorry that all this is happening to you all. I'm so far away and can't help other than to say you will be in my thoughts and prayers.


Goofball said...

oh gosh, I didn't read this earlier on. Pfff, that would turn everybody mad.

Poor you, even though feeling better after the super puke bug, you must still be weaker .
Poor Kaelen mostly; Does he understand what is going on?

do you want to come and camp out here?

Breanne said...

Oh Allie. I am so sorry to hear about the bad luck that has plagued your family. I hope things start to look up and get better. My thoughts are with you and your family lovey.