Friday, January 18, 2008

Little Boy Blue

Heh ... heh .... heh .... I just sometimes crack myself up at my stupid humour. Aside from the title, did you check out Kaelen's shirt and the slogan on it? It says " I do all my own stunts". Kind of appropriate given the situation eh?
We have made it one week after Kaelen's disastrous fall and everyone is still alive and managing to smile. The little man has adjusted to his temporary new lifestyle very well with the exception of nights. Nights are still an issue for he can't seem to get comfortable enough to sleep after being so sedentary during the day. It is almost like him having Restless Legs for those of you that experienced that during the latter part of your pregnancy. He can't seem to stop the lower body twitches and that leads to a meltdown. The tears start flowing, the apologies for falling down the stairs and hurting himself come forth and then his fears of never playing hockey again surface. And believe me, at 2:00 in the morning, it gets a little hard (and tedious) to attempt to reason with a three year old who is having an emotional meltdown. You can't get mad at them because you feel for them and believe me - I have been there before only I stepped down into a gofer hole. That resulted in surgery for me and landed me on my butt for 9 weeks in a cast in the heat of the summer. So, perhaps I am a little soft on the little guy because I can relate to his frustrations.

Aside from the nights though, Kaelen is a super trooper. It has been fun watching him develop his imagination by playing with toys that have been given to him as a gift for his ouchie or toys/games that have been lent to us to help alleviate the boredom that is bound to set in. He laughs and jokes around and is very verbally encouraging to all of Masyn's attempts to master the crawling technique and her attempts to pull up on things.
Now that the two of us are more comfortable with maneuvering around with that cast, we are off on new adventures each day. No more sitting at home. Instead we are going to head out on daily walks (thanks to my friend Debbie whom has loaned me her double jogging stroller), and on the upcoming forecasted colder days, we will head to the mall; Kaelen in my single jogging stroller and Masyn in my Ergo. And, if the times get tough on our outings, Kaelen and I have promised each other that we will laugh instead of cry (him) or get frustrated (me). So, as you can see, we are nipping along quite nicely now. Amazing how one can forget the hardships that they feel so quickly hey?


Andrea said...

That's awesome that Kaelen is taking everything much better...but that nights thing would be tough - I've had that restless leg syndrome thing and it is ANNOYING!! Hopefully his body will adjust though or something...but I'm glad things are going better!

Sheryl said...

Before you know it, all of this will be just a memory. He's so darn cute!

Jenn said...

Hope everything is going well. Sounds like you are coping and I do love how you are positive about it.


sari said...

Holy cow, I haven't been around for a while and your life really has gotten exciting, hasn't it?? My heavens. I'm sending my best wishes and prayers that everyone stays safe, heals well and things get a little easier for you!!!