Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Catching My Breath

Breathe In .... Breathe Out .... Breathe In .... Exhale Slowly .... Yes folks, that is the sound of my rapid breathing and trying to catch my breath in this whirlwind of a couple of weeks. We are back from our trip, which was fabulous by the way, and have been running ever since just to try and catch up on life. Between hospital visits for Masyn's kidney tests to Christmas shopping to Christmas parties to job interviews, life has been hectic but good for us. I have many stories and pictures to share with you all from our trip but that will just have to wait until Thursday.

Oh ... and something exciting may happen in our lives very soon and no .... I am not pregnant. I wish it were so but hubby is pretty firm about not having another. All should pan out within a day at which time I can share it with you all.

Until then, I hope that you are all doing well and I look forward to catching up on all that is going on in your lives.


Lesley said...

Glad you had a fab holiday - can't wait for stories and pictures!

Something exciting, eh? ...buying a new house maybe, just a guess

Jenn said...

I'm also glad to hear about your good holiday, but can imagine how busy you are with Christmas around the corner.

Also very interested to hear how Masyn's tests are going...

Looking forward to more posts