Tuesday, December 04, 2007

And We Are Off!

The time has come and it is literally hours away. Our bags are packed, the cat is already lonely and we are counting the minutes until the early morning alarm clock starts screaming "Get Up!". Our wake up call is a little early ..... 3:00 am early! Ugh. But it is all worth it as we get to go on a trip!!

So my friends, I wish you all well for the next week. I, in the meantime will be sure to whoop it up for all of you. After all .... I DO get to shop at Target, go and eat in fabulous restaurants and will likely consume a few too many glasses of red wine as that what happens when we get together with these friends.

Chat with you all next Friday!! As my grandma would say, "Cheerio!"


Breanne said...

BonVoyage My dear!!! Enjoy!

Andrea said...

have an awesome trip!!!

Jenn said...



Nina said...

Hello Allie,

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My heart is aching for a baby but I am terrified and since this disorder is so rare, I really don't have many people I can talk to.

Please send me an e-mail with your information about this clotting disorder including your antithrombin levels and how it was managed during your pregnancy , delivery and postpartum period.

Thank you very much,


nina said...

oops..I forgot. Please contact me at cristidiazv@gmail.com

sari said...

hope you've had a good trip!

Sheryl said...

Have fun!!!

Goofball said...

how was your trip!? Are you having tons of fun? Seeing very cool places? How is the travelling going.

We are waiting impatiently for your return to hear all the wonderful adventures of the Whittinghams!