Sunday, November 18, 2007

Update on Allie....

Hello Everyone,

This is Allie's sister Christie and I am writing this on behalf of Allie. She has gotten all of your emails and thanks you for checking up on her! She has asked me to write this to you so you all know what is happening with her and why she has been absent for the last few days.

As you all have read over the last while, Masyn has been on and off sick and just not a normal happy baby at times. Today we have found out why. First of all, let me start off by saying that she is okay right now. ( I don't want to get you all worried here!). What I am about to tell you sounds quite bad - but really isn't totally as bad as it sounds. Masyn has been admitted to the Childrens Hospital where she will have to remain for at least 2 days. She has been diagnosed with a few problems that they are trying hard to fix.

The worst of it started 2 days ago when she seemed like she was in the movie "The Exorcist" and had a power puke that came out of nowhere. The next day she hardly ate and spiked a very high fever. She continued to be sick, and the fever jumped up and down the entire evening last night and then again today. The high fever caused her to have some seizures - which prompted Allie to take her immediatly to the Childrens Hospital. After many tests and many hours it was determined that Masyn has a urinary tract infection - which has lead into a kidney infection - which in turn has lead to a bacterial infection in her blood. Sounds bad I know - but they have caught it in time and she is now on some good antibiotics that will hopefully clear it up.

This is the very short version of the story (you will get the full version, not the second hand version as soon as Allie is able) - but Allie wanted you all to know what was happening. She (or I) will keep you updated as to Masyn's progress - but I want to reiterate that all looks good. We will know much, much more tomorrow so will keep you posted.
Besides being tired and obviously stressed - Allie is doing well - and greatly appreciates you all. Please do not worry - Masyn is getting the best care and will be as good as gold very soon!!

I will relay any comments to Allie - keep them in your thoughts!!


Adventures In Babywearing said...

Thank you SO much for posting this update! The family is in my prayers. Please tell Allie that if she needs anything- let us know! You can email me at and I'll send you my phone number if she needs to talk! I pray you are all in good hands!


Goofball said...

oh gosh, poor little Masyn! And poor worried mom and dad and Kaelen!

I must admit that it surely does not sound good, but I'll take your word that she is in good hands and ready now to get better soon. At least it is a big relief that they've found the cause of her troubles right! Knowing what is wrong is half of the cure.

I'll pray for my virtual Canadian niece! The little cutie pie.
Allie, I give you a big big hug. Take care. It's going to get better!

Christie, thanks for giving us an update!

Ellen said...

The family is definately in my thoughts and prayers! at least now they know what's wrong and can fix it - that's way better than not knowing!! hope all is better in a few days and that things will settle down! :) hugs to all!

Toona's Mom said...

Loves, Hugs and Kisses to All the Whittinghams. So sorry to hear of this set back with Masyn. You are a very strong girl Allie and have been dealt some pretty hard blows when it has come to your kids. Keep you chin up girl and I am sure that all will eventually be well.
You are in my prayers for a speedy and full recovery.

Jenn said...

Allie, Glad that you had the smarts to take Masyn to the Children's. We are lucky to live in a place with so many experts on children, so I'm sure they are doing a great job with Masyn. I hope you are getting some sleep and if you need me for anything you can e-mail me

Hope things are looking better tomorrow.


sari said...

Please let Allie know they're in my prayers. I'm wishing Masyn a speedy recovery.

kate said...

thank you for filling us in!
tell her kate at peepingmoms is thinking of her and little masyn. we'll keep them in our thoughts!

Lesley said...

I keep checking for updates on you girls. Hope little Masyn is on the road to recovery and her families coping well.

Your blogger friends are here to support you- lean on us anytime :o)

Thanks Christie for the update! I was wondering where Allie has been.