Monday, November 12, 2007

Batting .500

We are day three into night time potty training and so far we are batting .500, which I guess is good all things considered. I will give the little man credit though as last night's accident was almost avoided as he caught himself peeing, stopped and then ran upstairs to me to tell me that he had peed and still had to go. Sigh .... oh the sleepless nights ahead ... good times I tell you.

So, do any of you veteran moms out there have any sage advice on how to achieve success? As it stands, the little man doesn't have anything to drink or eat after dinner, we make him try to potty right before bedtime and then cross our fingers that all will be well. I have read that you should wake them before you go to bed to try and potty but if I were to attempt that, Kaelen would likely be running around squirrely as heck thinking that he had the perfect nap. I am pretty sure that he is ready to attempt this as 90% of the time his pull ups in the morning are dry ......

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Andrea said...

Sounds like he's ready alright, but I'd sure love to hear some advice from those experienced mommies on this too! :)