Saturday, February 25, 2006

How Calgarians Play in the Winter

At the first drop of the snowflake on Friday afternoon, Paul rushes off to Walmart to purchase a sled for Kaelen as this is our first big anticipated snowfall for the year; which means there is a whole new world out there for us to show Kaelen. Being slightly overzealous, Paul comes home with three different sleds with the excuse that they were all on sale for a great deal!!

Saturday comes around and it is still snowing yet cold. But hey, when are we going to get an opportunity like this again in Calgary? Besides, -16C isn't that bad if you are dressed properly..........

So off we go to our steep hill (aka storm drainage pit) and get ready to introduce Kaelen to his first experience of tobogganing. As you can tell, we had absolutely no fun at all:

Kaelen in his chariot

Getting ready for Kaelen's first adventure



Add a little screaming from both parties and you will get the full effect!

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