Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Little Bugger.....

Some could argue that Kaelen is a late bloomer. I could argue that he certainly isn't a late bloomer in the growth category. My child is 16 months old and has almost outgrown 24 month clothing and is mostly wearing size 2; and weighs in at a whopping 29 lbs. He has an extremely good appetite fueled by a sense of adventure and curiosity that puts the cat to shame.

Paul and I over the past month have been trying to encourage Kaelen to walk. The most he will ever take is 4 - 5 steps on his own before deciding that Mom and Dad are better at assisting him or that crawling is much more exciting. There are times as a parent, when you can't help but wonder if all is okay because everyone else's child is walking and they are younger than yours. You start to compare (which ALL parents do) as this is a way to judge if your child is "on track" with normal development. I always keep in mind that every child is different and are on their own schedules. I didn't walk until 17 months and Paul at 15 months, so if we base his development on genetics, he is certainly right on track. Deep down, I know that Kaelen is doing just fine. Plus, being a working full time mom, I am always worried that I am going to miss out on those big moments; I likely rush Kaelen so I can see his accomplishments. It is a selfish trait I know, but I am so proud of this little boy and want to be there for it all.

Having said that, apparently Kaelen decided that he was going to walk everywhere at daycare yesterday. It surprised Kathy (the wonderful, amazing angel who takes care of Kaelen) as it was right out of the blue. So, of course Paul is full of excitement and phones me as I am on my way home (he found out when picking Kaelen up from daycare). Brimming with excitement of watching my son accomplish the next biggest feat in his life, I get home ready to be running after my son.

This is where Murphy's Law sets in; Kaelen had other plans for the night. The little bugger wanted no business of walking last night. Instead he would rather mommy crawl around with him and play chase. The point of this story: this impatient mother is going to have to wait a little while longer before her son wants to show off his newest acquired skill. And me? Well, I just have to exercise that patience and be sure not to push my son.

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