Thursday, January 19, 2006

Kaelen's Zoo

Oh to have the imagination of a toddler. I can't help but envy children as it seems as we get older, we lose the ability to have fun vivid imaginations, or we don't allow ourselves to go there; deeming it as immature when you are a teen and then passing it off as not enough time when we are adults. I guess that all changes when you become a parent - you are presented with the opportunity to partake in that wonderful wild world of make belief again......

Kaelen has an army of zoo animals as his adventure companions in his crib. On a nightly basis, Hippy the Hippo, Leo the Lion, Bunny, Lambchops, Lankydoodle (the Elephant) and Monkey eagerly await Kaelen's arrival between 8:00-8:30 pm. From there, the seven of them embark on the most excellent adventure. Kaelen exercises his new sounds that he may have discovered that day and the plethora of zoo animals get to try out the new WWE maneuvers that Kaelen likely has learned from his daddy. No matter what the adventure may be that night, it certainly is a good one. The crib gets a rocking, Kaelen gets a singing and usually an animal or two unfortunately gets tossed overboard to fend for itself in the deep dark unknown (the floor). And, when Kaelen finally returns from the adventure, he is exhausted and falls into a peaceful sleep with animals (equally exhausted) scattered around the crib in various positions of disarray.

Meanwhile, Mommy or Daddy (and at times both) are sitting in the dark, rocking in the chair in his room with a big grin on our faces and at times tears. The nightly adventures that we get to witness are so innocent and full of joy, that we can't help but leave his room with an extra spring to our step and a fresh, positive outlook for the next day.

Being a parent is truly the best job on earth and we are blessed to have this privilege. Thank you Kaelen for being so precious and for bringing us more happiness that we could ever imagine. You truly are our pride and joy!

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