Monday, December 26, 2005

Kaelen was so much fun!

This Christmas was so much fun for us because of Kaelen. At first he was interested in opening presents but that lost his attention shortly after the stockings. He was then more attuned to chasing the cat who was in her glory with all of the wrapping paper scattered everywhere on the floor.

We all got spoiled rotten especially Kaelen. He got a lot of really thoughtful and cool gifts this year. One present that comes to mind is "Shout" Elmo. When you press Elmo's foot, he starts singing and dancing. Kaelen gets all excited and then grabs and hugs Elmo. It is very cute. Although the pictures don't show him hugging Elmo, you will get an idea of how much Kaelen like to play with him!

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Breanne said...

I love Elmo too!! Great site Allie!