Sunday, October 24, 2010

The 2nd Annual Pumpkin Quest

On Friday, the kids and I went on our 2nd Annual Pumpkin Quest searching for the perfect pumpkin to add to our Halloween festivities. The pumpkin patch is actually a pumpkin barn, which is so much fun compared to shopping for a pumpkin in the grocery store. The only thing better would be to crawl through the actual patch to pick one ourselves. After my attempt to grow them last year, we have decided that visiting the local farm is a much, much more viable option.

Last year, we went a week earlier and wow - the selection was amazing and the kids had a blast. This year? One week later makes a big difference - the pickings were slim, however we made it a successful trip coming home with three gourds. They were not of course, as big as we had hoped, but nevertheless, we got three and also supported our local farmers market in doing so.

Now we are eagerly waiting to carve them up and roast those fine, delicious seeds. The argument in our house is when is the right time to carve them up. Hubby thinks that you can only do it the night before, but I am wanting to do it earlier so we can light it up nightly to enjoy it for a bit ... you know, kinda of like just sitting there and admiring a Christmas tree. So the question begs: when is the right time to carve up the pumpkin?


Goofball said...

I was growing my own pumkin too....but the snails ate the plant :( :( :(

Pff I was soooo looking forward to making soup of my own grown pumpkin.
New attempt next summer! (bought the anti-snail drops already)

Jenn said...

We carved ours this weekend. More so because it gave us something to do. I like to enjoy them for a bit. Especially since Darryl made such a cool one.


Mike said...

Have a great Thanksgiving.

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