Saturday, May 08, 2010

The New, Improved Look

I took the kids to the Children's Festival today that was put on by a group of local organizations and businesses. The festival was very well done much to the credit of the incredible efforts of all of the volunteers.

However, upon entering the mayhem of events occurring, it became apparent that keeping tabs on your own children could become an issue. That thought didn't occur to me though until I got home and realized that two creatures were in the truck with me as opposed to my sweet, beautiful children:


Goofball said...

oh my gosh I wouldn't have recognised Kaelen.

Masyn looks like in a fairy tale as always :)

Allie said...

Yes, Masyn was adament on getting a butterfly but unfortunately couldn't get her entire face done due to the surgery area from a few weeks ago. The top layer of her cheek is just starting to close over so I didn't want to chance getting paint in it. So she settled for a partial face paint, but was thrilled when the jewel got placed on her forehead. As for Kaelen, well lets just say that he took the opportunity to stalk the neighborhood in his alter ego of a tiger. :)

Goofball said...


how are you? what are you up to besides not camping?